Fail Faire: be proud of your failure


Want to be part of a stellar line-up of smart, honest and brave presenters ? Then read on learn how to be a Fail Faire DC speaker!

First and foremost, Fail Faire DC is about learning from failure, so think a bit on a failure you’ve had that the ICT and international development community can relate to. Then focus on the storytelling aspect (and not worry too much about the slides) to help personalize and illustrate the major lessons and take-aways. Tell us:

  • What was the project?
  • What were you trying to do?
  • What was the fail/where did it go wrong?
  • What would you do differently next time (or never do again!)?
  • What lessons can be learned?

We are partial to the “ignite” style format – quick presentations at 5-7 minutes or shorter. We called it a “FAIL-slam.” Everyone’s mental wheels will be actively turning by the end of the presentations, so make sure you leave time for questions and discussions around the room.

Do note that irreverence, humor and the ability to laugh at yourself in public are highly encouraged!

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Presenter Positive Rules

Now there are a few ground rules for the audience to help the speakers out:

  • No live streaming of event.
  • Blogging, tweeting, photo taking allowed unless the presenter requests to speak off the record (and yes, this is honored)
  • No third party bashing – speakers must have been personally involved in the project they are showcasing in some way.
  • Slides will not be made public unless the presenter him/herself puts them out there. We destroy digital copies of slides, especially of those presentations that are off the record.
  • It’s perfectly ok for speakers to present in their personal capacity rather with their organizational affiliation and say so.