Fail Faire DC – a celebration of failure

Fail Faire DC is a real celebration of failure as a mark of innovation and risk-taking in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in scaling ideas from pilots to global programs.

We will have great speakers leading us through tongue-in-cheek presentations of their personal failures. Audience participation is not only encouraged, it is mandatory! We are all peers and none of us is perfect. Expect much laughter as we navel-gaze at where we have all gone wrong in ICT and international development.

Yet we will LEARN from failure. Failure is no reason to be ashamed, and there is great value in examining our mistakes. So while we encourage irreverence and humor, we will be improving our profession too.

We will have light refreshments to lubricate the conversation and there will be an after-party to continue the celebration. However, an RSVP is mandatory for attendance!

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